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Lime basil & mandarin scented plant wax candle

Lime basil & mandarin scented plant wax candle

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This beautiful, natural British candle is made with natural soy plant wax and fragrance oils. The zesty, clean fragrance of lime basil and mandarin is a perfect pick-me-up. The candle will burn cleanly and evenly for up to 40 hours. 

Our range of Happy & Glorious candles are produced in Wiltshire using high quality natural wax that is both kind to the environment and from a sustainable source. They are free from any petroleum based paraffin wax, additives and animal based ingredients. Hand-poured in England into recycled, food-grade glass jars, and using recycled cardboard for our labels, these gorgeous candles are the ultimate in guilt-free luxury. 

All our products are splendidly made in Britain.

All our products are made in Britain. Use code HAPPYPOST for free delivery when you spend £35 or more.

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