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Basil hydroponic organic herb growing kit

Basil hydroponic organic herb growing kit

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This brilliant hydroponic organic herb growing kit is made with a repurposed wine bottle. It contains everything you need to grow delicious basil on your windowsill, in a stylish and environmentally conscious way. Pizza anyone? 

Each kit contains a repurposed wine bottle, cut down and hand sanded to make the edges smooth and safe. The capillary matting to soak up the water is recycled, the jiffy pellet for growing is made from coir rather than peat, and the terracotta clay pellets are biodegradable. Nutrient fluid is both organic and vegan, and the bottles that it comes in are both recycled and recyclable!

Set up is easy, and within 7 to 10 days of planting, you'll notice the seeds begin to germinate. They should be ready to harvest in around eight weeks, and there is enough nutrient to last you for around two years. If things go awry, there are extra kit parts in case you need to start your growing again.

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