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Thlaspi - pressed foliage artwork by Barbara Gillmore

Thlaspi - pressed foliage artwork by Barbara Gillmore

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Thlaspi is a pressed foliage artwork by Barbara Gillmore, featuring the delicate leaves and seeds of the thlaspi plant in a pleasing pattern. The framed piece measures 28cm x 33cm.

This is one of a collection of three pressed foliage artworks celebrating the beauty of varied and contrasting forms of foliage. After the long dark winter months, dormant plants quietly produce new foliage growth, signalling the start of spring. The fresh new greenery, emerging from the cold, evokes a feeling of renewal and hope as we eagerly look forward to the warmth and colourful blooms to follow in the summer months. The contrasting foliar forms act as a reminder that growth looks different for everyone, encouraging us to see that every individual path of growth results in unique beauty. Each tiny round ‘leaf’ on these pressed stems is actually a seedhead, containing a seed, ready to propagate the next generation with growth of the very literal sort. The delicate circular seedheads are reminiscent of bubbles in champagne, dancing around in a glass during times of celebration.

Find out more about Barbara on her website.

This piece is only available to purchase until 30th April as part of our New Beginnings spring art exhibition. 

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