It's time for the Be Happy & Glorious challenge!

It's time for the Be Happy & Glorious challenge!

This February, join me for the third year of our Be Happy & Glorious challenge! If you are on Instagram or Facebook, take part in our 14-day challenge to celebrate the power of gratitude and the tiny triumphs that make life extraordinary.

Focus on your wellbeing, share your happy moments, and use the hashtag #behappyandglorious to share your images. One lucky participant that completes all 14 days will win a beautiful £25 self-care box! 

The prompts...

  • Day 1 - Small joys - that always lift your mood
  • Day 2 - Craft - something handmade by you or someone else
  • Day 3 - Outside - capture the beauty of the great outdoors
  • Day 4 - Friend - someone that you love
  • Day 5 - Relax - how do you wind down?
  • Day 6 - Creature - fluffy, feathered or anything in between!
  • Day 7 - Habit - what do you do every day?
  • Day 8 - Make - something you have made
  • Day 9 - Space - your favourite place or space
  • Day 10 - Inspiration - something or someone that inspires you
  • Day 11 - Spring - celebrate signs of this hopeful season
  • Day 12 - Yummy - show us your snacks!
  • Day 13 - Wisdom - share some words to live by
  • Day 14 - Happy/Glorious

Don't forget to tag me @happyglorious so I can see you easily. (Please note that if you would like to be entered for the prize draw, your profile will need to be set to public, or I will need to be allowed to follow you so that I can see that you are participating.)

I can't wait to see your lovely photos!

With love, 

Kate x


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